1)  Log in to Cox webmail on your browser at webmail.cox.net:

2) Click on the little gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of

     your window. Select Settings.

3) In the resulting Basic Settings panel, click the little triangle at

     the left of Inbox.

4) Select the last listed item, Spam Settings (see image)

5) Change the settings on the right to Automatically deliver to

     spam folder (see image)

6) Click on the Inbox tab at the top of the screen. The site should

     tell you it's saving your changes.

Email should start arriving overnight.

Note: Invitations from info@olligastronomers.com will arrive in your spam folder. You will need to move it to your regular folder and flag it as "good".  Or keep an eye on the spam as it accrues in your spam folder to see if gastronomers.com is there--or your old Uncle Ernie!

Greetings Cox users!

Special accommodations have to be made for cox.net users to engage with OLLI Gastronomers:

Every 5-6 years Cox updates their hardware servers to newer technologies on which they run the same webmail software.  When they change servers they reset the spam filter for all users to an extremely aggressive approach which deletes potential spam before it reaches you.  If it doesn't recognize your old Uncle Ernie's new email address, or info@olligastronomers, it will delete them instead of sending them to you.  You will never see them.

If you also maintain a gmail address as well as cox.net, I would advise you to use it to enroll with olligastronomers instead.

To correct this in your cox account, you must reset your spam filter so all email arrives, and you are the one that decides what is of value.  You can reset your settings by following the handy instructions provided below.