Emal Security and OLLI Gastronomers

Email Filtering

Your email server is likely using a spam filter. It may well be filtering out invitations to Gastronomer events. Put info@olligastronomers.com in your address book, or "white list", if you have one. Or remove it from the "blacklist" if you have one.

Spam is now so prolific that servers make continual changes, I can't know how or when. They are coming up with new protocols all the time to battle spammers, while spammers invent work-arounds. When servers make significant changes to your filtering they rarely inform users, but these changes may effect Gastronomer mailings. Welcome to the 21st century.

If you are missing invitations, let me know by emailing me at the gastro address which is: info@olligastronomers.com  I likely will not be able correct the issue: It's usually between you and your server.  Oh well.

Web Security

We have initiated an SSL certificate for the website, but it's not really necessary because:

  1) We do no financial transactions

  2) We do not store your name or email address on the system

  3) We do not sell or distribute your info to anyone

When we were smaller we used to circulate the email address list so others could send notices regarding new restaurants, and related information. We no longer do that for privacy's sake.

Please email info@olligastronomers.com if you have questions.