The Rules of the Road:

• Our goal is to become more proficient as writers, while expanding our own personal

    approaches to self-expression.

• To participate, write a piece specifically for the Echo meeting. You'll read it aloud.

• Group size: Now online, Zoom demands less participants. Perhaps a maximum of six.

• We meet at 12:00 PM (PST), every two weeks on Wednesday.

• Topics are randomly selected from a master list. If you find one problematic, be creative.

• Each participant gets roughly 15 minutes for reading and critique.

• Avoid preambles before reading your piece. If it's important, write it into the piece.

• Differing opinions are great, debate is not. Generally avoid writing which demands rebuttal.

• We care about our members, their lives and feelings, but this is not a self-help or therapy

    group. It's for writing, reading, and responding.